Friday, 11 January 2013

January 2013 Thought Leader of the month: Paul Levy

Throughout 2013 I will be posting my thought leader of the month. It will be a personal view, of course, and I aim to recognise those I follow and whose thoughts I appreciate.

My January 2013 Thought Leader of the Month is Paul Levy.

·       Paul hosts the blog “Not running a hospital;” and he is also active on Twitter.  He’s a former CEO of a large Boston hospital and he has things to say – and he says so eloquently and with authenticity. I follow his thought leadership, even though it is USA centric and I am UK based, because he’s not afraid of speaking up when necessary, of praising when deserved and criticising constructively when required. He shares a variety of thoughts, from science, statistics, service redesign, stories and personal stuff too. This means it's easier to understand his perspective. He’s rounded and it’s easier to trust him because you get to understand his perspective. He messed up once at work, at he made an apology public on his blog - that's the authenticity that attracts me as a follower.

There are five articles in my thought leadership series:
  1. What or who is a thought leader
  2. Being a thought leader
  3. Organisations as thought leaders; some healthcare examples
  4. Medical Thought Leadership
  5. Thought Leadership 2.0

You can vote / suggest February's Thought Leader by tweeting #hcthtldr

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