Sunday, 6 January 2013

Medical Thought leadership

I’m unconvinced whether there is “A Medical Thought Leader” role. Rather, I think there are a number of thought leadership roles for clinical professionals.

·    Clinical area thought leader; this is a professional who is thinking ahead, sharing their views, perhaps innovating in their clinical speciality.  They will be accessing and reviewing both the peer-reviewed and the greyer literature. They balance their thinking with a decent amount of talking about their hopes, dreams, fears and ideas for their speciality.

·    Techie clinical professional thought leader; this is a growing role where professionals are inhabiting the space which used to be reserved for IT geeks. They are writing apps, participating in Hackathon days, and developing idea and strategies for revolutionising healthcare.  They are mostly very active on many social media platforms.

·     Healthcare services clinical profession thought leader; that’s a bit of a mouthful but it means what it says. These are professionals whose interest lies in reconceiving the delivery of healthcare services. Some of these sit on the committees and Boards of their local services so they can use their influence. Others stay on the outside, shouting at or encouraging others.

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