Sunday, 20 January 2013

What if managers held end of day briefings like nurses do?

Nurses do briefings at the end of their shifts. I was reminded of this by @nurchat on Twitter as it s one of the topics for their weekly #nurchat tweetup. The reminder tweet made me think - why don't healthcare managers have a similar end-of-day briefing?

The briefings can be managers with their teams, or groups of managers - I like the idea of the Executive team holding an end-of-day briefing session.There are both advantages and disadvantages to holding one, though the only disadvantages I can see are ones about timing.


  • Reflection on the day's operational activities
  • Reflection on personal contribution to the day's operational activities
  • Highlight priority issues
  • Ensure priority issues don't fall between the management gaps
  • Improved communication skills
  • Improved meeting skills
  • when is the end of the day for managers (though a briefing can be held at 4:45 for 15 mins)
  • perception that the briefing gets in the way of other meetings
  • poor briefing skills means it turns into a long meeting
It seems that much of the imperative for improvement and innovations pushes nurses to learning from managers - maybe now is the time for manager to be looking at what nurses do very well, and learn new skills of their own.

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