Monday, 2 July 2012

Free SPC Templates for Excel

There are a  number of free templates available for your statistical process control data and charts.  It goes without saying that you should check that the template meets your needs and is the right type of SPC chart for your data.  I've not checked the accuracy of the following so please use at your own risk.

  1. From Vertex42, a straightforward, simple spreadsheet with no complicated macros or other things to stymie your system
  2. Statistical Solutions provide the entire range of SPC charts for free, though you do need to register. X Bar/S, I/MR, PChart, NPChart, Xbar-R Generator, XBar-S Generator, IChart Generator, APQP/PPAP.
  3. There' are pages and pages of spreadsheets available here - of which SPC is one. I liked the Six Sigma Template Kit.


Harry Longman said...

Have you seen any SPC software that works directly in MS Access? Would love to see.

Another superb package, can take inputs from Excel, Access etc but stands alone, is Winchart from Prism Software.

Harry Longman said...

Found anything that works within MS Access?

Another which takes data from Excel, Access etc and standalone is Winchart from Prism Software.