Monday, 30 June 2008

How to create an RSS Feed

A few people have asked me whether it is difficult to create an RSS feed since I posted it is one of the easiest ways to help people gather information from your website, and thus help share and spread information.

First you need to get a feed for your site then you need to embed it.

To get a feed there is a natty website to help you. has easy to follow instructions and will provide you with the code you need to then instal on your relevant webpage where you want to instal the feed. It's as easy as that. Feed43 even supplies you feeds for pages that don't have feeds so you can keep up to date - perfect if you are waiting for someone to instal feeds...

Remember, a feed allows someone to subscribe to your webpage so that every time you make a change they will then get the changes, the update etc sent to them in the form they asked for it to be sent to them - usually in a reader though someotimes by email. This is much easier than them remembering to come back to visit you or you having to send out newsletters.

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Michael said...

Cool! Also checkout Feedity - .. I use it for creating custom RSS feeds from webpages. I find Feedity better because its simple and gives better results. Cheers :)