Saturday, 14 June 2008

Knowledge is in the network not the innovation

At many of the courses I run on the topic of spreading good practice we often have the debate on how to define the "what" of good practice. The issue being what it is you want to spread to others - is it a thing, a behaviour, an attitude, or what? This debate is so "Knowledge Management 1.0" as most often participants on the courses focus on the things like guidelines, manuals, products etc.

A few years ago we hit "Knowledge Management 2.0" which considered the issue that knowledge lay in the person and then frameworks were developed around understanding how the tacit knowledge in individuals gets made explicit, and then becomes tacit again as part fo the knowledge capture and transfer process. All interesting stuff.

Nowadays we are in the "Knowledge Management 3.0" stage where the essense of knowledge is deemed to lie in the networks between people. Then sentient processes are felt to have properties of value. The network is greater than the sum of its parts.

There are some advanced thinkers about the world on this topic so if you're curious then start doing your own searches and see what you can find of value in the the networks.

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