Wednesday, 13 February 2013

9 Change Models

It's often joked there are as many models for change as there are consultants selling them! I've curated a list of some of these, focusing mainly on the graphic that explains the model. If I've got an opinion on the model I say so. Each of the models has a link where you can get further information about it.

1. From Six Seconds, focusing on the emotional aspects underpinning any change

2. From I like the "and then you start all over again"

3. From Smartcompany; nice blend of known frameworks

4. The Innovation Change model is nothing new, but a good reminder

5. Peopleandprocess have an interesting model which made me think. I like it.

6. The Driving change model from CMA is simple but I like the language reframing

7. Not so much a model as a comment on models (but I liked the pic)
8. I like the input / output aspect of this model from Metavolution

9. This model is based on Prochaska & DiClemente's. I like this edit.

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Michaela Firth said...

Love these ! I will revisit as some have reminded me of a number of very common sense approaches.

I see there is an ommission of the NHS Change Model :)