Friday, 29 June 2012

4 Story Telling Toolkits

An important leadership competency is the ability to tell stories - not the pumped up fantasies but rather the real examples of things that have happened. It's these stories that motivate others.

Here are four resources you may find useful in helping you craft your stories.

  1. A Story Telling Toolkit from The Education Arcade.  A fairly standarrd guide, though useful as it covers all the bits and pieces you need to think about when writing up a story.
  2. If you fancy yourself as a reporter, then check out CNN's guidelines on crafting a story. I like the advice they give as it is focused on how it will attract the reader's attention.
  3. My most favourite collection of advice for telling stories is from the Knowledge Sharing Database. It includes a variety of activities you can use n meetings and workshops to gather and analyse stories.
  4. If what you're looking for a bullet point version of some advice, then try this one from the United Nations

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