Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Readiness for change diagnostics: Some evidence

I'm ambivalent about the concept of "evidence" for much of the change and improvement work we do in healthcare because so many of the concepts and processes are contested.  However, that doesn't stop me checking for evidence and testing my own prejudices.

There are a number of papers  and publications which touch on the topic of readiness for change.  

Review: Conceptualization and Measurement of Organizational Readiness for ChangeA Review of the Literature in Health Services Research and Other Fields
Weimer, Amick & Lee
All literature reviews need to be considered as a service to humanity. This one covers the concept of readiness for change in healthcare and reviews 43 instruments in use.

Assessing organisational readiness for change: use of diagnostic analysis prior to the implementation of a multidisciplinary assessment for acute stroke care

Sharon HamiltonSusan McLaren and Anne Mulhall
This team conducted a comprehensive review and evaluation using multiple strategies which I like. They also used the Team Climate Inventory.

Backer, David & Soucy
Not a peer-reviewed paper as such, but it has some excellent perspectives on what readiness for change means - and doesn't mean.

Systems Antecedents for Dissemination and Implementation; A Review and Analysis of Measures
Emmons, Weiner, Fernandez, TuThe conclusion in this paper seems ot be there is no common ground for the use of measures or consistency in the way in which they are applied, hence leading to difficulties in figuring out what might be the best strategy.

There are many more papers - if you find any, please leave notes in the comments box.

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