Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Mostly free Pages Numbers Keynote templates for the IPad

Trying to use your IPad instead of your laptop or desktop? I find it's ok as long as I don't want to create anything of length or complexity. Many of the templates designed for Windows, tend to get reformatted strangely when on the iPad.  Here are a few of my favourite places to get templates for my iPad Pages, Keynote and Numbers:

  1. There are 156 templates available from Jaxworks. I've not checked them all. They do have a US bias but that's not an issue. They cover the entire gamut of business planning and management.
  2. You can find templates for Pages, and Keynote here.
  3. There are templates in iTunes which cost around £0.69 for a bundle - not a bad price to save time and to cheer up what might be a dull report or presentation.


Downhams' Blog! said...

Hi Sarah, Have you tried Prezi yet for presentations?

Sarah Fraser said...

I have used prezi. My worry is it is often used with pretension - just like the early days of PowerPoint...