Monday, 28 January 2013

Resources and Links about Positive Deviance

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Positive deviance is an asset based method of change - find what works well and do more of it. I've been harping on about this for year but now it seems it has its time.  I've curated a list of resources and links in case you want to learn more about this concept.

  1. Wikipedia has a decent overview of what PD is about.
  2. The PD initiative is a key resource centre which includes an comprehensive set of resources including presentations, videos, books etc. Most importantly is has many case studies of PD in action. 
  3. The 7 characteristics of positive deviants I'm not entirely certain about the who of PD being the same as the what, but nonetheless, there are lessons to be learnt from both aspects.
  4. Here is a YouTube list of various videos covering different aspects of PD
  5. The BMJ had a paper on the topic in 2009 - useful for those who need a bit of theory and credibility to back up what may seem a little "woolly"

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