Monday, 9 July 2012

7 Twitter Resources for Healthcare Professionals, NHS

If you're just getting started on Twitter, here are some resources you may be interested in:

  1. 140 uses for twitter by healthcare - a blog post and one of my favourites. A bit old but still up there with challenges for you
  2. Using Twitter in the classroom or organisation - nice framework
  3. Canadian booklet on Twitter for Healthcare Professionals; short, sweet and to the point. Recommended.
  4. How using twitter can help increase staff transparency and trust - one of my blog posts from a while back
  5. Twitter for Doctors - by a doctor, with his experience
  6. Pull vs Push; a twitter case study - this is my personal 90 day project from when I first started using Twitter. The lessons then are relevant to anyone starting up now.
  7. Using Twitter as a social movements strategy; one of my blog posts from March 2009. Some actions to consider.

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