Friday, 13 July 2012

Summer reading for Healthcare Change Leaders

Freedom is blogging in your underwear
How can this not be on your list!  It's about getting on with the job, the highlights of working form home - and basically, you've got no-one other than yourself to blame...

Ignore Everybody
Creativity is something you do, not what you steal from others. This is an edgy book with humour that works on the proposition that talent does not need props.

Poke in the Box
Seth Godin is one of my favourite authors. In this book he points out the necessity of standing out (not conforming) and the need to take the initiative. It will leave you feeling uncomfortable.

Velocity: The Seven New Laws for a World Gone Digital

Technology getting you down? Find out how others are embracing it, changing with the times and not waiting until new "things" have become mainstream. Are you ahead of your tribe, or just a digital follower?

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