Saturday, 4 June 2011

Implementing social media is more than dabbing in a few fun technologies

Technology is really exciting - for those who get excited about it. But technology is useless unless it connects with those who use it. There's the obvious stuff about it needing to be easy to use. But there's also the need to any technology that puts "social" in its marketing blurb - to be just that - social.  And then there's the need for the organisations that want to jump onto the social media bandwagon to make sure they are doing so with thought and concern rather than a random set of activities they can tell everyone they are "into social media".

Here are five sets of questions to ask yourself if you're wanting to involve social media in your business:

  1. Why social media and not any other strategy or technique we and our customers are used to?
  2. What do we expect to happen? What is our intention? 
  3. How will we, and our customers, keep moving with the times as new technologies become available? 
  4. To what extend are we building on what works? Does this matter?
  5. What policies and legal concerns do we need to take into account?
Oh, and I'll add one more, just in case:
(i) How do we define social media?

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