Friday, 4 May 2012

Why don't we search for evidence?

So I'm perplexed.

I've spent years listening to leaders at all levels - from unit, to department, to organisation, to region, to National  - all say they want "other people" (usually those "beneath" them) to adopt existing good practices.

That's all good and well.

But when I press these leaders on what efforts they've made to check the literature, search for existing guidelines or consider the experience of people similar to themselves - they all look at me blankly.  One recently told me that "that sort of thing is for the people who need to improve, not me. They need to adopt guidelines."  When I pressed him about the opportunity he has to learn from others in the design of his large scale intervention, he replied "We're different."

I shall invest a new piece of equipment - a mirror.

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