Friday, 4 November 2011

Where are the negative studies?

I've written about his before, but I am still concerned about the lack of will to share what doesn't work in quality improvement initiatives. I worry that improvement leaders are so concerned about telling their sponsors that the work is doing very well, that they can't face the less than successful projects. We all know we learn from mistakes - in fact one of the basic tents of quality improvement is the importance of testing and learning (from the good and the bad).

I keep threatening to start the Journal for Quality and Safety Initiative Learning/Mistakes/Failures/Messes.  When I figure the title I'll get it going.  Any suggestions?


Mike Hall said...

I love this idea. You should call it the first penquin. The first penquin who jumps off the ice flow tends to get eaten by the seals. But he helps the others suceed.

LTC_RN_Analyst said...

Please DO! IMHO, knowing what didn't work is as important as knowing what did! How many times has the same (failed) interventions been tried, because we had no way of knowing? I'm sure your excellent new journal would also include commentary on WHY it didn't work, if only certain parts worked AND what they would do differently if they had the opportunity to repeat the process.