Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Meeting Agenda Good Practice

I've been on a mission for some years to get agendas for meetings organised and prepared in a way that supports an efficient and effective process.  here are many ways to do this and a recent post from Radcliffe Learning [this link is no longer working but I'm leaving this live while I try to find another way to get to the info as it is really useful. It comes from Radcliffe Publishing and you can view earlier editions of their newsletter here)] has some excellent advice. I particularly like the way they suggest the agenda items are to be divided into:

·       Part 1: Items requiring a decision today
·       Part 2: Items requiring discussion today
·       Part 3: Items for information only today

What's your favourite tip for great meetings?


Mike Hall said...

This is wonderful. But the link doesn't work. how can I get more information?

Unknown said...

Great info, anything to improve inefficient meeting, especially on conference calls! Great advice