Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Improvement Leaders - role modelling

Improvement leaders know a great deal of theory. One aspect of leading that I am constantly aware of, is the need to role model - practice what you preach. It's no good me pushes for the Lean 5S of a hospital ward if my own office is a complete mess. There's a dissonance here.

I recently attended a workshop at NHS Improvement in the UK. This is a smallish group who are dedicated to working with healthcare professionals to improve care. They are all very practical, work in clinically specific teams, and have good results from their projects. They don't get huge press coverage for their work, largely I think because they are humble - and too busy to do PR and marketing!  I joined the session at dinner and was inspired by the way they were holding a raffle to raise funds for a need close to their own values. Not only did they raise money, but there was a lot of fun in doing it.

I left the session the next day quite inspired - and know they will be inspiring others in their day to day work.

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