Wednesday, 19 October 2011

6 different types of change by scale - 2: Changing Minds

Large Scale Change means different things to different people. In his book, Gardner suggests six different types of scale. I found these different levels useful in thinking through the strategies I might use to effect proposed changes.

  1. Large scale changes involving diverse populations on a national or regional basis
  2. Large scale change involving an homogeneous group (e.g. peer group such as theatre nurses)
  3. Changes brought about by technology, science or art (e.g. a whole generation has been influenced by Harry Potter)
  4. Changes within formal settings (I think of bounded organisations here).
  5. Small gatherings and the more intimate shifts in perspective (e.g. group of friends who decide to change their exercise habits and support each each)
  6. Changing one's own mind (which, of course, we never admit is probably the most difficult!)

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