Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Building awareness is key

Most people keep their focus on the amount and extent of implementation; how many people have adopted the new practice or what benefits have been gained. This is important. However, I maintain that the amount of ultimate benefit you end up with, the number of people who end up adopting a change, comes from the pool of the people who decided to make a change. And not everyone goes through with the chnage process. Then the number of people who decide to make a change, comes from the pool of people who are aware - of two things. Firstly there is a problem they need to resolve, or maybe they just need to know there is a solution worth implementing - or maybe a bit or both. Regardless, they need to have awareness.
So when you next design your programme to rollout the benefits of a set of changes or want to get a large group of people to adopt some changes, my recommendation is to concentrate on the awareness phase. It helps to measure this as you then begin to have an idea of the slope of your adoption curve.
I could go on about this in some detail, but all I really wanted was to make you aware of the issue...

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