Thursday, 22 January 2009

Blogging best practice

Over the last few months I have been meeting up with groups and organisations who want to dip their toe into the social media soup yet are concerned they have need a policy and/or are worried about what is /isn't kosher when it comes to blogging and twitter etc.

I acknowledge the need to develop some guidelines that both enable the best of blogging yet manage corporate requirements. This reminds me of the early days of email when some organisations felt email was very risky and clamped down on it with many rules and regulations. As time went on, the wisdom of the crowd took over and a "norm" was established.

The book "Groundswell" - see my book review blog for a review if you're interested - has a page listing Blogger Code of ethics which I like. There are also some links in there to publically available corporate blogging policies, like Harvard University, Sun Microsystems.

The BBC has a simple page that makes sense to me as being sufficiently practical without being onerous

Working in healthcare and think that blogging isn't relevant? Check out 100 Best Health Care Policy blogs and see what is on offer and the potential impact they are having

Or if you need a more research based approach then have a look here

If email is your only means of electronic communication then maybe now is the time to test something new to add to your skill base.

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