Monday, 5 January 2009

Social Marketing Campaign Diagnotic Tool Free Download

Download the tool for free from

So you’ve decided to to use a social marketing approach? You may already have
drawn up plans for your campaign. The purpose of this tool is to provide you with a
checklist where you can run through some key aspects and assess your progress.

When to use this tool:
When starting a campaign; it will help you think through all the steps
When plans are already drawn up; you will have the opportunity to reflect and test before you start
When you have already started; you can check your progress against the items in here and assess where you may need to carry out some
additional work on a contingency basis
When you have completed; the headings in this tool provide you with the basis of an evaluation

How to use it:
􀀵 Calculate your scores
􀀵 Make notes
􀀵 Hold discussions
􀀵 Reflect
􀀵 Act on any changes you think may be necessary

The tool covers
1. How the campaign is defined
2. How the problem is defined and understood
3. Choice of comunication strategy
4. Implementation system

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