Thursday, 2 September 2010

Using Twitter in the Classroom or Organisation

Twitter feels like one of those applications that has been searching for its use. Within healthcare, specifically the NHS in England, its use has been limited. Many organisations see it only as another media channel through which they advertise their services. A few, however, have grasped its potential to spread the word  in a personal way and are using Twitter as a means of engaging with patients and staff. A good example is @OBMH (Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Mental Health).

While healthcare is prevaricating and the organisations that preach and teach innovation are being slow to catch onto what is now practically a mainstream communication method, education has been stealing a march. An excellent blog post about using Twitter in the classroom includes a framework which made huge sense to me and helped me think through how best to use twitter in a training event as well as for the duration of a healthcare improvement project.

Not only does it help communication for the project it also adds in the "spread" and "Scale up" component that it so often missing.   If you are worried about the word student, then substitute patient or staff member. What I particularly like about this framework is it is a way for organisations using Twitter to self assess their use of it.

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