Friday, 24 September 2010

Patient Experience; report to help Boards build patient and public experience into quality fo care

If you are steeped in the healthcare quality improvement methods you will know how important it is to understand the patient experience. Scaling up project results to a wider audience does not mean the patient's views are no longer important. While the theory is obvious the practice is not. It can be difficult to engage non-executives and Board members with the patient experience and a new report on the Patient Experience  issued by Dr Foster in the UK covers the following:

Key messages 
The scope of this report 
What is patient experience? 
Good intelligence guide: The basics 
Good intelligence guide: Measuring what matters 
Good intelligence guide: Building an intelligent report 
Good intelligence guide: Advice from the sharp end
Board briefing: Intelligence types and uses 
Board briefing: 2010 policy directions 
Board briefing: Glossary 
Board briefing: The current state of play 

It provides advice on how Boards can produce a meaningful intelligence report on the patient experience. I particularly like the checklists and the brevity with which it is written.  They have nicely avoided the temptation to burst into theoretical concepts.

I found this report via Jocelyn Cornwall's blog at the Kings Fund - another good source of information.

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