Monday, 31 December 2012

New systems model to simulate spread and adoption of good practice

I've worked with Ken Thompson of Bioteams to develop a systems simulation of the spread and adoption of good practice.  Our aim has been to provide a method for individuals and teams to play about with different strategies and to model the impacts of those strategies. It's not a prediction tool, but rather one which helps you gain an insight into the complexities  It's been important to us to produce a simulation which provides an adoption curve - having an idea of the speed (or not) of spread is crucial to your planning.

The simulation is ready for testing. It's not perfect, and we'd love to demo it and take your feedback on how to make it even better. Feel free to tweet Sarah @sarahfraser or Ken @kenthompson, leave a reply to this blog, or email Sarah, if you'd like to have a go.

A screenshot of the main screen is below. You can choose your strategies and then simulate, quarter by quarter, the rate of adoption. There are other input screens where you can assess your readiness for change and where you can enter details about the strategies you'd like to use.

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