Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Business learning from walking: 1. The plan is not the event

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Advice is never to leave for a walking adventure without a map and compass – and a sandwich, drink and set of waterproofs is also a good idea.  In business we have our plan as our map. But just as the map we read and mark while sitting in the comfort of our warm and dry home, the plan we create in our offices is never going to be what actually happens.

 A tree may have fallen across the path – a barrier to change is discovered that the plan didn't take into account.  Someone twists an ankle – a key staff member goes off on long term sickness. It snows – a new directive from on high impacts the organisational plan

Never set out without a plan, but never assume that having spent hours (or days, weeks, months) on the plan that the event is now sorted. The plan is prework. No imagining beforehand can take the place of an actual walk under the trees, beside the sea or over a field. Similarly, no amount of planning can predict the actual path and experience that any organisational change will take. 

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