Saturday, 2 October 2010

7 Resources about Social Enterprise

With the decimation of the quangos in the NHS in England there will no doubt be a rush to create a variety of social enterprises to fill the gaps and maintain employment. I have been on a mission to try and understand a bit more about social enterprises and here are a number of links and resources that I found useful.

  1. Social Enterprise Coalition (UK) is a good place to start. It is fairly comprehensive and I learnt a lot about what is going on, right now, with regards social enterprise. There is a Health & Social Care forum.
  2. If your interest in Social Enterprise is beyond the shores of the UK then Wikipedia has an overview of what it means in different countries.
  3. Business Link (UK) has the how to steps if you want to set up a Social Enterprise in the UK
  4. Social Enterprise Live is a useful magazine, giving news, resources, blogs and comments on the topic. There is a recent post on how the organisational from will suit the NHS.
  5. The Department of Health has a fairly comprehensive guide on social enterprises and health
  6. If you are up and running as a Social Enterprise and need support and resources then an excellent place to start is with Social Enterprise Works.
  7. The most inspiring, for me, website on Social Enterprise is SE London. Lots of resources, videos and success stories.

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