Tuesday, 5 October 2010

4 resources why PowerPoint is not a good format for influencing others

PowerPoint has its place. As a method of influence it is limited, however, it has become pervasive in corporate life to the extent it is used beyond its purpose.

1. Life after death by PowerPoint 2010
This video by Comedian Don Mcquillan says it all.

2. Do my slides suck? test
This "Stop your presentation before it kills again" blogpost provides a compelling arguement to ditch your slides, or at least do some self analysis to discover the reason why you are using PowerPoint.

3. 11 ways to images poorly in slides
This blogpost covers 11 ways in how using images in PowerPoint can detract from your message. It is a compelling argument to beware the selftrained designer...

4. Dodging bullets in presentations
An excellent slideset which not only highlights the problems with using bullet points but also shows how to move to something better and more effective

Oh dear, I see I wrote this blog in bullet points. Deary me.

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