Tuesday, 20 October 2009

SMS Texting Campaigns; awareness to action

Mobile phone technology has the means to change lives. A number of campaigns have been running where SMS/texting technology is being used not to raise awareness but rather to deliver action. I'm interested in this as it is breaking some of the "communication rules" and what is in the old research about how ideas spread and are adopted.

An excellent example is from UK Transplant where there are a number of campaigns running to increase the number of people prepared to donate tissue and organs. In the South West of England a campaign is running until April 2010 combining regular advertising and sms texting. The posters create awareness and then if anyone standing int he bus shelter wants to act by registering on the UK Transplant Organ Donor site they can send a simple test to a number with the word GIVE. This is still a pilot and the resulst will be interesting. I am all in favour of innovative ways of moving from awareness to action and this method is modern and relevant to societal trends.

If you want to add your name to the register then go to become a donor
If you want to read about this campaign go to sms campaign

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