Saturday, 13 November 2010

eLearning 1: 5 Resources for supporting online discussions

Creating and moderating an online discussion group requires more than sending out an email inviting people to join. In some cases it is not the cheap, quick fix you may be after. It's work. Treat it like a project - from strategy, planning, resource allocation through to evaluation.

Here are a few of my favourite resources on the topic:

  1. Designing and Managing online discussions from Oxford Brookes University (PDF paper, with references - my favourite)
  2. Teaching with online discussion forums - good introduction 
  3. Online discussions: Tips for Instructors from the Centre of Teaching Excellence at the University of Waterloo. Web page with bullet hints
  4. Using discussion boards to engage students 
  5. How to avoid problems with online discussions - student guide. Short web page with more links on it. USeful because it is from the student/user perspective

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