Wednesday, 25 April 2012

WHO Patient Safety Curriculum Guide

More great resources from the World Health Organisation.  To be frank - this curriculum guide is the most comprehensive set of teaching resources on patient safety that I've come across in a decade.  It has been developed by multi-professional groups so avoids the biases that so often occur when courses are developed by a single organisation.  Whilst it's aimed at integrating patient safety into educational curricula, there's no reason why you can't use this within your own organisational setting.

You can access the multi-professional guide here. If you would like the teaching slides for each of the 11 topics then you can download them here, where you will also find background and evaluation information.

And unless I'n missing something - these are free to use - so no there is no excuse in wasting time creating, developing, designing, discussing how to educate and train staff in patient safety. Nor should you be paying anyone to do the creating, designing, developing etc.

Well done WHO!

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