Monday, 6 April 2009

Presentations to watch; 2009 Quality & Safety in Healthcare - Berlin

Part of sharing good practice and enabling others is about just that - sharing. I was unable to attend the International Forum on Quality & Safety in Healthcare, run by the IHI and the BMJ, held in Berlin in March 2009. However, I can watch the plenaries and check out the posters. I can also contribute to ongoing discussion. It is really good to see what used to be "closed" and only for those who could afford to attend, is now more available and creative in the ways messages can be sent out and conversations continued.

Plenary 1 — What patient-centered care really means
Plenary 2 — Medical success leads to medical error: how health professionals accept responsibility for safety
Plenary 3 — Transforming whole systems: in search of theory and method

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