Sunday, 9 November 2008

Turn any URL into an RSS Feed using Feedbeater

I use RSS Feeds as a way to receive information as it is updated on websites and without having to resort to filling my email inbox with more messages. They go directly to my Reader (I use Google) and when I am ready I browse through what I have received.

One of the annoyances I have is how many websites seem not to have RSS Feeds. Many of these are in healthcare and the quality improvement world where there is interesting content but the site hasn't been updated to provide feeds.

I use to create my own feed for the site and then register it directly into my Reader. It is simple, takes less than 15 seconds and then I am receiving updates when they happen and I'm not reliant of having to remember to go back to the website to check.

Why are RSS Feeds important for the spread of good practice? One main reason is they spread your information to those who want to receive it without you sending out newsletters. I can then forward info etc. If you're not providing an RSS Feed then those of us who want info need to take this extra step by using something like Feedbeater.

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Anonymous said...

just a quick thanks for pointing me to this tool. it really helped me in a jiffy.